GT shows off new road bikes with trademark triple triangles

By Josh Patterson,

GT Bicycles first introduced the limited edition Edge Ti back in 1995. Now GT is bringing it back for 2013 in limited quantities. The 3-2.5 titanium frame is immediately identifiable as a GT thanks to the signature triple triangle seatstay junction.

GT did a good job of sensible job of using new standards where appropriate and sticking with the tried and true when there was little to be gained.

The Edge Ti has a beautifully shaped tapered headtube, the front of which is reinforced and flattened for additional front-end stiffness.

On the other hand, GT chose to stick with a traditional threaded 68mm bottom bracket shell, citing its reliability.

The Edge Ti will be available as a frame fork and headset for $2,000.

The Corsa is a new model for GT. It is designed to for the everyday road rider. Use it to commute Monday through Friday, then load it up for light-duty touring on the weekend.

Pictured here is the top bike in the line, the Corsa One. It is spec’d with 10-speed Shimano Tiagra triple and a wide range 12-30 cassette.

The bassboat blue paint really pops in the sun. The painted to match stem is a nice touch. The Corsa One will retail for $1,000.

Fixed gears are not for everyone. Some riders like the clean lines and simplicity but still want to coast.

Enter the Meatball. It’s not a singlespeed; the Meatball uses SRAM’s Automatix two-speed coaster brake hub. There’s no shifter, no cables or external adjustments. The Automatix changes gears when the rider reaches a certain speed.

The Meatball retails for $700.


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