Green Lane Project looking for six more cities to build safer streets

Want more green bicycle lanes in your city? PeopleForBikes is now accepting applications for Green Lane Project Phase 2, a campaign to bring protected bike lanes to city streets. The two-year campaign will choose six cities to collaborate on ways to create better streets.

In early 2012, the first phase of the Green Lane Project selected six U.S. cities — Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. — to form a select partnership of leaders supporting the creation of next-generation protected bike lanes in America. Since the Project launched, green lanes have flourished. In year one of the Project, the number of protected lanes on city streets expanded from 62 to 102. By the end of 2013, the number is expected to double again, to nearly 200.

Only government agencies may apply. Cities are the primary intended applicants. However, PeopleForBikes is considering applications from counties, townships or other local jurisdictions that manage a significant roadway network within urban areas. Applicant agencies must serve a population of at least 80,000 to apply. Want to get involved? Contact your local government or advocacy group and express your support.

To apply, submit a letter of intent by November 15 and a full application by January 14, 2014.


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