Gevenalle adds front derailleur to growing drivetrain lineup


Cross season is here, and this time of year it’s always difficult to keep your shifty bits safe and functioning properly. Gevenalle, formerly known as Retroshift, has been innovating simple products that should keep your bike running longer, with less maintenance and expense.

The latest is the new BURD front derailleur. BURD stands for Blatantly Upgraded and Rebranded Derailleur, a reworked Microshift derailleur that is better suited to the rigors of cyclocross.

While single chainring setups are all the rage for mountain bikes and ‘cross, there are plenty of folks who want year-round versatility from their cyclocross bikes so front derailleurs are still plenty useful. The BURD starts its life as a top shelf Microshift unit, but the aluminum and carbon cage is tossed in favor of a smaller steel unit that is better suited to the smaller chainrings of a cyclocross bike and is stiffer to shift better under load.

If you are running a single chainring, there is perhaps no better chain guide than a front derailleur. The BURD can be used effectively with a standard chainring and the high/low settings allow for a very precise setup. It is available in both clamp-on and braze-on versions too for just $49.

The best part of the BURD system is the service. Destroy your derailleur somehow? Just send it back and Gevenalle will rebuild or replace it for just $20 for a front and $34 for a rear derailleur.


If you want the full set, there is a matching rear derailleur that also starts its life as a Microshift piece. It gets reworked with a 25 percent stronger spring for better chain tension, packed with Phil Wood grease and gets brand new Shimano Ultegra pulleys ($69) or FSA ceramic pulleys ($89).


Gevenalle makes a bunch of other cool drivetrain bits as well, including the CX shifters that function in both index and friction mode. Plus there are now standard, hydraulic and V-brake versions.


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