Gallery: A Bay Bumble

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The San Francisco Bay Trail, which at some point in time will circle the entire San Francisco Bay, is a great place to bumble along with friends. We did just that Thanksgiving weekend, securing a group campsite at Coyote Hills Regional Park and coming in from all Directions. Robert left El Cerrito and picked up Poppy and myself in Emeryville. As we rode south we miraculously met up with nine more friends along the 35-mile ride to the campsite; enjoying the sites, the flora and fauna, as well as the flotsam and jetsam.

The Hunqapillar was loaded to the gills. The Bay Trail is pretty flat, so I overpacked with plenty of beverages, a clarinet, and a kite to fly. Plus lots of clothes since we were going for two nights and the forecast was calling for rain Saturday. Binoculars and a bird book made finishing touches. Much emphasis was placed on enjoying the day, taking our time, and stopping a lot to look at stuff.

From my fancy lugged-steel magazine-review machine to 30-year-old lugged steel to 40-year-old coaster-brake cruisers with Wald baskets, our band’s style runs the gamut. Following the reduce, re-use, recycle mantra, I’ll just say that we’re getting high value out of our equipment. Call it dirtbag style, but I call it just being conservative. That’s us. Conservative.

Synopsis? 30-50 miles Friday with many stops for birdwatching, drinks, snacks and camaraderie. Saturday spent tooling around the south bay salt flats. Feasting like it’s Thanksgiving all over again. Sunday morning under a tarp trying to finish all the food together, dancing when the rain stops, then riding off into the sunset. Dig it.


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