Friday pedal-powered link roundup

By the Bicycle Times staff

Everyone loves roller coasters, right? And we certainly love cycling. Leave it to the Japanese to combine the two into a crazy and creative ride called SkyCycle at the Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama. Since it’s pedal-powered, there isn’t a lot of speed along the way, but the views over the city are beautiful. Via Do the Green Thing.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is this design concept by Hamed Kohan from Iran who is one of more than 3,000 participants in a recent Seoul Cycle Design Competition. It’s called "Spread Your Love." Via DesignBoom.

Finally there’s this unique "solution" to bicycle parking: a spinning carousel that can store up to 15 bikes in a dense urban space. Since users pedal a stationary bike to rotate the carousel, it doesn’t require any electricity. Plus bikes are store safely out of reach of thieves. Multiple units can be banked together, or a smaller unit with one wheel can stand alone. Right now it’s just a prototype by Manifesto Architecture, but someday you might see it on the streets of your city. Via Manifesto Projects.



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