Friday link roundup

Highlights from this week in the interwebz: 

Pedal Power – The Big Picture’s photo blog, The Big Picture, aims its lens at bicycles this week, from all cultures all around the world.

Ghost bikes appear on Pennsylvania Capitol steps

Representing all the cyclists killed on Pennsylvania roadways in 2010, 21 "ghost" bikes – painted all in white – were placed on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg, this week. The advocates that placed them there say a bill being considered in the state legislature could cut that number in half. 

Wallingford Greenway opens in Seattle

The Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway is now officially open. Neighborhood advocates for the project threw a street party to celebrate, which featured a dog parade, a group ride and walk along the route and gelato from a cargo bike.

BART to allow bikes on trains during rush hour in August

The San Francisco – Bay Area Rapid Transit will run a test on Fridays in August allowing cyclists to bring their bikes on board trains during normally banned rush hours. The change is part of a program that will gather feedback from all BART users. asks users bringing bikes onboard to be courteous and polite in an effort to expand the hours accessible to cyclists. Photo by Adrienne Johnson/Flickr.

Survey: Capital Bikeshare saved 5 million driving miles

A survey conducted for Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare says four in ten riders reported driving less and rolled up a total of 5 million miles that were traveled by bike instead of cars. "Almost half of respondents
had made a trip in the past month that they would not have made without bikeshare," the report says. "Of these respondents, 64% said they would not have made the trip because it was too far to walk."

NYC risks ‘Bikelash’ as 10,000 bikes hit the streets

New York’s own bike sharing program, Citi Bike, will begin rolling out next month, and Bloomberg News is reporting many New Yorkers are worried the influx of thousands of the blue rental bikes will distrupt traffic even more than it already is in the crowded streets. Some are concerned about rider safety, and others fret the loss of already hard-to-find automobile parking. By the end of 2013 the program will reach north to 79th Street and into Brooklyn and Queens.


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