Flying with your folder? Pack it with Tern’s FlightSuit


Flying with a bike can be expensive, but Tern’s new FlightSuit can turn an off-the-shelf suitcase into a safe and secure transport case.

Bringing a bike with you when you travel is always a great idea, but even if you have a folding bike it can be difficult to transport it. The FlightSuit is a set of specially designed pads that can help you pack your folding bike into a suitcase, avoiding high baggage fees. Every Tern bike with 20-inch wheels (and likely other folders) can fit into a suitcase like the Samsonite F’light, and the 24-inch models can fit in some larger suitcases.


The 9-piece Tern FlightSuit kit ($75) includes a large suitcase pad plus custom protectors for the bike’s seatpost, handlepost, pedals and dropouts. Pads are made of durable 240D nylon bonded with 5mm, dual-layer padding, to protect the bike during transit. Easy instructions printed right on the suitcase pad show how to fit the bike into the suitcase. Suitcases are sold separately.




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