First look: New helmets from Lazer, plus lights and locks from Knog

By Josh Patterson


Lazer Helmets is leading the way in helmet integration. On the road and urban side the company is integrating eyewear and lights into their helmets. For off-road use Lazer has partnered with GoPro to produce a version of its popular all-mountain helmet, the Oasis, with an integrated camera mount. The Oasis retails for $130.

Lazer also recently introduced a line of snow sports helments. The $100 Sweet was adapted from snow to bike use. The Sweet offers users the ability to open or close the vents located on top of the helmet and has a tail light smartly integrated into the adjustable fit dial, located on top of the helmet.

This single LED light system will also be sold as an aftermarket kit to upgrade other Rollsys-equipped helmets. The LED upgrade kit will retail for a refreshingly affordable $10.


Knog has a new line of affordable rechargeable lights. Gone are the all-silicone bodies of previous lights in favor of colorful anodized aluminum faceplates.

The Blinder 4 series of front and rear lights produces 80 lumens via four LEDs. The Blinder 4 has a three-hour run time on steady and a 50-hour-run time on each of the four flash modes. Retail is $45. The Blinder 4 is available now.

The Blinder 1 series uses produces 20 lumens from single LED and will run for two-hours on steady and 11 hours on the flash mode. The Blinder 1 will be retail for $30 for a front or rear light; a front and rear combo pack will also be available for $55. Expect to see the Blinder 1 at your local bike shop this fall.

All of Knog’s new lights use Lithium polymer batteries and recharge via USB ports.

Knog’s lights are designed to be waterproof, as are the USB plugs.

The $25 Milkman is a new wallet-sized lock designed for use in high visibility areas (Quick trips to the grocery store, coffee shop, etc.) to provide a degree of deterrence and keep honest folks honest.

The 90mm retractable stainless steel cable is 2mm thick and encased in a PVC sheath.


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