First look: Green Guru FreeRider pannier


For the most part, we stay out of the Kickstarter/crowd sourcing fray, letting the crowd decide if the products are worthy. We made a rare exception for Green Guru, an established business, and good folks, too. Not only did we get the “hey check out this new product and Kickstarter”, we got one of the prototypes sent to the office to ride and decide if things are ready.


Like most Green Guru products, the FreeRider will be made from mostly recycled materials, in this case either  the pictured scrap nylon from an awning maker ($60), or bicycle inner tubes ($75).The design is a cross between a standard grocery pannier and the X-1 bags from an Xtracycle. When empty, the bag folds flat against the bike, but easily opens up two swallow full grocery bags, bag packs, or a baritone sax.


Using a simple bolt and barrel nut, the FreeRider can be secured to most racks, making it very theft resistant. My only two concerns was difficulty grabbing the strap to adjust sizing when it was fully open, and a lack of drain holes. Davidson Lewis, president of Green Guru was very receptive to my input and plans to change these things in production models. U.S. productions and responsive companies equals rapid changes and better products.

Check out the crowdsourcing page for the FreeRider pannier here. They met their original goal in only two weeks, and have already doubled it.



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