First Look: EH Works Nomad Roll

I was introduced to the benefits of waxed canvas as a Rivendell Bicycle Works employee in the mid 1990s. Specifically, using Filson seconds as a way to wrap tools to fasten to my Brooks leather saddle with a handy leather toe strap. Fast forward nearly 20 years and I discover a Seattle-based craftswoman named Erica Hanson who has refined what Rivendell founder Grant Petersen called a ‘burrito wrap’, and providing tool rolls for bicycle and motorcycle use.


At 17″ x 9″, the Nomad carries much and packs tight.


Simple and nice visual theater; instructions printed on wrapping paper.

I choose the $52 Nomad for its larger size (17” x 9” when opened) so I can transfer into it most of what I normally carried in a jersey pocket, including a spare inner tube (road, ‘cross or 29er), two CO² cartridges, spoke wrench, tire levers, currency, shop cloth and multi-tool. There’s room for more if needed — like a mini pump — although I haven’t experimented enough yet. Tubular users will also find this ideal. I like the varying pocket sizes, and the clean look of the black canvas with white stitching. This will also work nicely on my 1100cc Moto Guzzi sharing space with its pedal-powered brethren.


Sturdy, spacious and simple.

Props to Dino Ride organizer Tom Hardy for bringing this to my attention.


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