First Impressions: Linus Roadster 8

Linus Bikes is on a mission to provide simple, reliable bikes that take their styling clues from classic French bikes of the 1950-60s and utilitarian Dutch city bikes. According to Linus Bikes‘ founder Adam McDermott, the Roadster 8 is "an all around city bike, intended for everyday use and utility." Sounds good to me, let’s give it a whirl.

The Roadster 8 immediately struck me as an eye-pleasing blend of retro-fashion and modern-day function. The painted-to-match metal fenders, give this steed all-weather practicality, and enhance its classical aesthetics. The high-tech bits are tucked neatly inside the Shimano 8-speed Nexus hub, where they are barely noticeable yet much appreciated.

The bike’s heads-up rider position is my preferred arrangement for pedaling in traffic. Steering response is notably quick, the way it should be on a bike built for slicing through city streets. Flat pedals make it convenient to hop on and run a quick errand. Leaning on its kickstand in my basement, the Roadster 8 is not snoozing, it’s in the "ready position," awaiting our next mission.

With a single pannier snapped onto the included alloy rack, the Roadster 8 has been just the ticket for commuting to the office and back. The eight speeds have flattened the hill-climbs on my 5-mile route to Bicycle Times HQ, and the Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes have kept things under control on the downhill side. I’ve yet to utilize the Roadster 8 for a major grocery run, but that’ll come in due time.

For the $830 asking price you get a 4130 chromoly frame/fork, outfitted the aforementioned items, plus the following noteworthy touches: Schwalbe 700 x 32C Delta Cruiser tires, real leather grips, and metal bell. The Roadster 8 is made in China.

Look for my complete review in Bicycle Times Issue #14, which is scheduled to mail to subscribers and hit newsstands in November, 2011. Order a subscription today.



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