First Impressions: Bianchi Volpe Disc


For 2015 Bianchi took the venerable Volpe, introduced in the mid-80’s, and widened the rear stays so it could accommodate disc brakes and a larger tire. Tire width on the stock build jumped from 28 mm to a 35 mm—a 25-percent increase. Toss on a set of Hayes CX disc brakes and now you have got yourself a modern gravel / street / utility bike.


The only other notable changes on the Volpe Disc is a 50/34 compact crank replacing the old triple, and Bianchi hubs which were once Shimanos. The rest of the bike is essentially the same; a steel frame with sizes from 46-61. Geometry carries over from previous Volpe models.


Thus far, I’ve been using the Volpe Disc as an all-around urban bike, with some gravel mixed in for fun. The wider tires and disc brakes are a welcomed upgrade when traveling on the less urbanized surfaces I tend to seek. The double chainring matched to the 10-speed 12-30 rear cassette has also be more than adequate for the hills around town.


Look for a future full review to see if the changes Bianchi made translate into significant differences in the usefulness and adaptability of the Volpe Disc.

Vital Stats

Sizes: 46, 49, 51, 53, 55 (tested), 57, 59, 61

MSRP: $1,499.99



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