First Impression: Christiana Bikes Boxcycle

By Eric McKeegan

The Christiana Bikes Boxcycle has been in steady use since arriving in October, where did the time go? For those not familiar, Christiana is (or was) a odd little self-governing enclave in Copenhagen, the result of an early 70’s unauthorized take over of a former military base on the edge of the city

About a decade later Lars Engstrom wanted to build something for his wife Annie to haul their kids around Christiana, which is a car-free neighborhood. Thus, the Boxcycle. Fast forward to today and visually not much has changed. Look closer and modern upgrades abound: dual disc front brakes, a hydraulic steering stabilizer, aluminum frame, and a seven speed rear hub.

We’ve been out for many fun rides so far after the first adventure, a seven mile commute home on rural roads. I’ll go on record saying this terrain is not this bike’s forte. Between my inexperience on a Boxcycle and the crown of the road, I spend a lot of time with my jaw set and a death grip on the bars.

Once I got home and settled into a more daily routine the Boxcycle really started to come into its own, with both my wife and I adapting quickly to the handling.

We’ve had an odd winter so far this year, with lows in the teens mixed with highs in the mid 50’s. On cold mornings the kids were a bit too chilly, but the arrival of the optional canopy solved the cold issue. A warm coat and blanket keeps the kids warm enough even into the teens.


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