First Impression: Cannondale Hooligan

By Adam Newman

Before joining Bicycle Times I worked for a spell in a bike shop that sold Cannondales. Among all the carbon road bikes and tricked out mountain bikes, there was always one or two of these odd little city bikes floating around the shop and the staff loved them, taking turns riding wheelies through the shop when no customers were around (don’t tell the boss). 

The Hooligan is like men’s nipples, or that extra fork they give you at fancy restaurants—I have no idea why it’s there, it just is. But regardless of the "why" is the "what", and you’ll certainly be getting that question quite a lot when riding the Hooligan. 

"What is that?"

"What’s it for?"

"Is that some sort of prototype?"

"Does it fold?"

The answer is usually: "It’s a bike," and a rather fun one at that. The 20-inch wheels and three-speed drivetrain make zipping around crowded city streets a breeze. The steering is quick and responsive, perfect for dogding potholes or puddles. Available in several versions over the years, the frame can also accomdate several other builds with its disc brakes and eccentric bottom bracket.

As you can see from the photo, the World’s Longest Seatpost does an acceptable job at accomodating my 6-foot-2 frame, but I’m really at the limit of who can ride this bike. Available in only one size, it’s flexible enough to also fit my 5-foot-3 girlfriend quite well. At $1,100 it isn’t cheap, but with quality parts and the Delta-V frame, this is no toy.

Pretty cool, huh? Keep an eye out for my full-length review in a future issue of Bicycle Times. Subscribe today and you’ll be sure not to miss it. 



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