First Impression: Breezer Venturi

By Shannon Mominee

Most people associate Joe Breeze with mountain biking. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the sport along with Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey, and Charlie Cunningham, to name a few, and Breeze is credited with building the first purpose-built mountain bike in the early 80’s. He’s also a Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee of 1988, and remains active in the industry today.

So what’s up with the Breezer road bike, you may be asking? Before mountain bikes, Joe raced road bikes successfully and the Venturi is a nod to his past and 35 years of inspiration. Most riders are not settled into one discipline and own more than one type of bike. Breezer continues to build mountain bikes, and also offers commuter/transportation bikes too.

The Venturi is the only Breezer road bike offering and is available as a frameset or complete build. Remaining true to innovation, the Venturi features a heat-treated chromoly steel frame built around racing geometry, integrated head tube, asymmetrical chainstays, BB86 press-fit bottom bracket, and 40mm offset Breezer carbon fiber fork.

The geometry and sizing of the frame is unique, if not a little strange. It’s built low and long. I typically ride frames with a 570-580mm long top tube, with the seat tube corresponding close to that number for a given size. The Venturi size large does have a 570mm top tube, but the seat tube is a short 540mm. The next size up has a 570mm seat tube but a top tube of 585mm, which would have been too long for me. Combined with the 74-degree head tube, 73.5-degree seat tube, and short 130mm head tube, I’m riding in an aggressive position.

Short chainstays, short wheelbase, steep angels make for a quick handling bike. The Venturi does ride nice and supple, without being twitchy or scary on the downhills. It’s stiff where it needs to be, forgiving in other areas, and feels powerful and fast on the climbs. I actually look forward to standing and going up hills on it.

The frame is outfitted with a full Ultegra 10-speed parts package and Ultegra tubeless wheels. I’ll have a blog posting soon on the tubeless wheels so be on the lookout. I’m not crazy about all the white parts, paint, and bar tape, but that’s me, it may be attractive to you.

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