Field Tested: SAXX Kinetic Boxers


Shorter bike rides shouldn’t require donning the requisite Lycra apparel costume. This includes shorts with a chamois pad, but rarely do I feel comfortable wearing my standard cotton boxers. SAXX Kinetic boxers may be the solution.

Like a fine pair of Lycra shorts, SAXX uses several panels—nine—and flat lock seams to allow for extra stretch and less discomfort. A blend of nylon and Spandex offers  semi-compression support, with an engineered “pouch” with no exposed stitching or inner seam for room and support.

The nearly two-inch waistband wicks moisture nicely, and after a cold wash, the boxers dry quickly on the hanger, ready for another adventure. After several months of regular use they show no signs of wear or tear.

Sizes: XS-XXL. Colors: Black/Cobalt, Black/Orange, Rock/Yellow (tested), Rock/Red. Price: $36.95.



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