Field Tested: Klymit Inertia X-Wave sleeping pad


Klymit is a fairly new player in the outdoor goods market, specializing in inflatable products like sleeping pads, rafts and some lightweight packs. The $75 Inertial X-Wave pad is one of its smallest and lightest sleeping pads, inflated with good-old-fashioned air, and perfect for saving weight and space when traveling by bike.

Designed for three-season use, its three-quarter length saves weight by not extending to your feet, something I never considered necessary anyway. It inflates incredibly quickly with just a handful of breaths or the included squeezy inflator. Klymit’s body mapping design means that whether you sleep on your back or your side, the pressure points you exert on the pad are distributed evenly, minimizing that waterbed effect on traditional designs.

Because your body compresses the underside of a sleeping bag, the squished insulation doesn’t work well at doing its job of keeping you warm. The cutouts you see are the loft pockets, which allow those portions of your sleeping bag to remain poofy and insulate you from the cold ground. Some of Klymit’s other pads have even more aggressive cutouts. It looks crazy but it works.

Because the Inertia X-Wave is a thin and lightweight pad, the benefits of these technologies might not be as evident as on Klymit’s larger pads. It’s plenty comfortable for a good night’s sleep but it can’t match the comfort of larger pads, so if your trip is more than a few days you might want to accept some extra weight for something thicker.

For short or fast trips however, the X-Wave is ideal. The fact that it weighs only 347 grams, including its stuff sack, and packs down to the size of a beer can make it that much more desirable for bikepacking. Best of all, the price was recently lowered from $99 to $75.

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