Field Tested: Bollé Jude sunglasses


Years ago, when I worked for Rivendell Bicycle Works, we sold $5 Ray Ban Wayfarer-looking sunglasses. The lens quality was so-so, but the frame was rather sturdy and masculine in a Steve McQueen sort of way. Sometimes one just doesn’t want to wear bug-eyed racer glasses when out riding or hanging out.

Enter the casual Bollé Jude sunglasses, which sport some of McQueen’s style while providing high-quality polarized optics. The $120 Judes are made in Italy, and come in a few color options, including the Matte Black/Lime Brown Emerald seen here.

At 36 grams, they’re light but durable. I’ve worn them nearly every day since mid April, on the bike, the motorcycle, while driving, and strolling with the dog. I usually fall in love with new casual sunglasses, then the magic disappears once they pinch my temples 15 minutes later. Not so with the Bollé Judes, thankfully.


Some of the tech that makes the Judes so good include a hydrophobic lens treatment to keep grease, dirt and other stuff from sticking. Coupled with an anti-reflective coating on the inside, I found these glasses to be near perfect for every use. And, the groovy argyle graphics on inner ear pieces always wins me style points with folks born after Don Henley sang about his Wayfarers in “Boys of Summer”.


If you’re looking for some reliable, quality sunglasses for the summer, consider these from Bollé.



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