Felt shows of new “lifestyle” bikes

By Maurice Tierney

Felt Bicycles showed off their full line of bikes in Irvine, California, last week. Felt offers a huge variety of bikes here in the U.S. and even more in Europe. Road, cross, time trial, mountain, utility, urban, Felt has it all. Funny that the bikes that always catch this scribe’s eye are the “Tank” bikes. These are generally beach cruisers with giant top tubes that look like the pseudo “Gas Tanks” you used to see on newspaper-style bikes of old. But modern hydroforming techniques allow them to get the swoopy lines into a modern lightweight (relatively) aluminum alloy cruiser. Many of the designs are super-custom and with Felt-specific parts like their own 26×3” tires (on some models), Felt’s cruisers stand out. Ever see a New Belgium Brewery cruiser? That’s what I’m talking about.

Star of this presentation was the Carroll Shelby model. Featuring the same Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue as the original 1965 Shelby GT500:

It’s got the proper logoage and Shelby signature too. It can be yours for $999.

But that’s a current model. Also on hand was a bare frame for the new 2012 style tank, as shown here by Felts marketing Ms. Eva:

Cool Huh? Now let’s get practical. Felt’s has some nice looking offerings in the utility/commuter game. The Verza City line comes in price points from $599 to $1,149 depending on spec, Verza City bikes balance the comfort of a comfort bike with the agility and efficiency of a road bike. Here’s the Verza City 2 with its aluminum frame, disk brakes, and 24-speed drivetrain. Fender and rack included for $749:

And while the Verza line is designed to be speedy and agile, the Café Line represents a more laid-back attitude. The head and seat angles are more laid back for more comfortable, easygoing handling, and so are the prices, at $499 to $649. Take your pick from 7, 3, 8 or 24 gears, in order of price. Here’s the Café 24, including shiny shiny fenders, nice!


I got to look at bikes; you get to look at pictures. Felt has a fixie for you if that’s how you wanna roll. Top ‘o the Felt fixie line is the Footprint. Sure wish I had a photo of that one, it’s a $1,599 carbon fiber fixed gear. Given Felt’s experience at the track, this could be good. But I am guessing the Brougham might be more your speed, it runs $549 and can also be had with a Sturmey archer 3-speed fixed hub for $699. Swell.


And last but not least I gotta show you the single-speed cross bike (Or maybe just Eva’s 2002 in the background, I am envious!). Here it is, the $1,299 Breed from Felt. Enjoy!


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