Feedback Sports announces new line for kids


Feedback Sports announced today an innovative push into the lucrative 3 to 6-year-old market with the first of several new products.

The Pee-WeeElite is a 3-foot tall work stand optimized for repairs on 12-inch wheel balance bikes. According to Feedback Sports, it represents the first of several new products the company is working on for this important demographic of cyclists.

“Youth is the foundation of cycling and keeping a bicycle in good working condition is key to the experience,” said Feedback Sports Founder and President Doug Hudson.  “We have seen a trend in children attempting to work on their own bikes but until now there has not been a easy solution. We want to empower kids to be in charge of their bike repairs and get back on the sidewalk quickly.”


Feedback Sports is putting extensive resources behind the project including hiring several new employees and consultants. Feedback’s engineers worked diligently to optimize the design after spending months studying growth charts and focus group data from around the world.

“We think this product is just the thing to spark interest in bicycle maintenance at a young age,” said Jeff Nitta, director of sales and marketing. “There are over 10 million kids bikes sold in the USA each year, so we feel confident when going up against products like the iPad and xBox.”

The Pee-WeeElite will be officially introduced to the public at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey April 10-13 at Feedback’s booth #113.



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