Faraday launches less expensive version of Porteur e-bike

With its unique twin-top tube silhouette and hidden battery pack the Faraday Porteur stays apart from the crowd of futuristic-looking e-bikes on the market. The latest version, the Porteur S, includes most of the same features of the original model but lowers the price $700.


Gone are the carbon fiber belt drive and leather grips, and in their place are a regular chain and cork touch points. The 8-speed internal hub has been swapped for a 5-speed to save money and the fenders are made from aluminum rather than bamboo.


Nearly all of the other components remain though, including the integrated LED lighting, 250-watt motor, chromoly frame and twin-arm centerstand. Rather than a bulky battery held on the exterior of the frame, the Faraday tucks them into the downtube, though they are easily removable via a trap door underneath. Even with the motor and battery the bike weighs less than 40 pounds.

The Porteur S will be available in two colors (white or gray) and three sizes when it goes on sale later this summer for $2,799.


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