ENVE shipping new seatpost design, plus bottle cages and Garmin mount


ENVE’s carbon fiber seatpost has been one of the brand’s hallmark products since its introduction, but the new design takes it a step further with a unique, patent-pending clamp mechanism.


The clamp has gone through a major redesign that makes it super simple to adjust the saddle’s angle. As you tighten the front bolt and loosen the rear bolt the wedges close and the nose of the saddle tilts up. The opposite will lower the nose.

new-enve-products-9 new-enve-products-8

Available in both straight and 25mm offset designs, it also has a huge range of fore-aft saddle adjustment thanks to the narrow rail supports. The shaft of the post is uni-directional carbon fiber for strength while the wedges are aluminum and the bolt is titanium. The 400 mm long seatpost is also now available in the Cannondale-specific 25.4 mm size as well as 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, and 31.6 mm diameters.

The ENVE seatpost is rated for road, cyclocross and mountain bikes, and retails for $275.



Bottle Cage

If you want your bike kitted out in the latest ENVE products, you can now add carbon fiber bottle cages to your list of options.

new-enve-products-19 new-enve-products-18

The new ENVE bottle cage weighs just 19 grams and is shaped to allow a wide range of bottle entry. It ships with stainless steel hardware and retails for $70.



Stem GPS mount

For many riders these days having a Garmin on your bars is about as essential as tires on their wheels. There are a lot of aftermarket mounts available that keep it secure and visible, but ENVE takes it a step further with a new carbon fiber mount that integrates with an ENVE stem faceplate. Weighing just 26 grams it can be mounted fore or aft of the faceplate based on rider preference. The $40 mount also includes two longer, stainless steel bolts that replace the normal stem faceplate bolts. It is compatible with all Garmin Edge GPS units and some Forerunner models.



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