Don’t Forget About the Soma!

So ya… I’d be way off point if I said nothing has happened with this bike build.

Since my last post I have all but wrapped the bars. In this post I’m just goin to talk about some of the problems I’ve run into during the build. I have a few new pics to share as well.

Going way back to the previous post there was a sweet shot of the bike in the work stand down in the DR/BT basement. In that shot, my DC is sporting some RaceFace Cadence bars. Those have been since swapped out. Nothing wrong with the bars. I actually think their compact reach would have been rather nice. They were switched because they just weren’t wide enough. The bench-mark measurement for road bar width is the width of your shoulders. I was seduced by the reach and thought I could get away with a narrower bar. As soon as I sat on the bike I knew I was wrong.

In place of the Cadence bars I mounted some WTB Mountain Road Drop Bars. Featured here.

These have a comfortable reach and 30 degree flair to the drops. So far they have offered a comfortable variety of hand positions and they aren’t even wrapped yet. The bars also add a unique aesthetic quality. This isn’t an off-the-rack bike and the WTB bars help add a bit of personality.

Next mistake has been the fenders. Not that fenders are a mistake, and surely not the SKS fenders I picked up. The mistake was my hasty decision that left me without disc brake mountable fender stays. A few spare parts from the dresser drawer in the shop along with a bit of elbow greese got me out of this minor set back. Buying components and speccing out a bike is pretty fun. I guess I just was too hasty in my trigger-pulling and bought the wrong fenders.

To fix the problem I used a longer mounting bolt and some spacers. The spacers were just forgotten bike parts laying around the shop. The fender stays were then given a slight ‘S’ curve bend to clear the disc brake calipers. Usually all manufactures do is throw in some spacers to solve the problem anyways if you get disc brake specific fenders, so it really wasn’t a unique fix. Luckily the SKS fenders came with long enough stays before trimming to accomodate my bends.

As mentioned with #1 and 2 of these posts was an issue of chain line. Well I kinda ignored the concern… Maybe ignore isn’t the right word. I chose not to worry about it. For up front I bought a FSA Gossamer double compact cyclocross crank set. In the back I have a 10 speed road cassette. When it’s time for some cross I’ll have to grab a lower geared cassette, but for commuting the 36×46 in front with a 11-23 in back is all the gearing I need, even in Pittsburgh. I admit, I do have some chain rub on a couple gear combos, but I’m not worried about it. They are combos that you really should be in, like small to small.

I have a lot left to cover and bunch more pics to take. On tap for next time will be an introduction to my lesser known shifters and deraileurs, how I ran full-length brake housing, seat post issues, and lots of pics of a finished bike.


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