I just bought a bike from a Craig’s list ad. A Specialized Rockhopper circa mid eighties (still zeroing in on the exact date). It looked pretty clean in the photos, and I wanted something sturdy for a grocery-getter / spare bike, or maybe even a single speed bang-around bike. Ideal, right?

There’s a problem.

So far as I can tell, it’s never been ridden. Still has the paper-thin mold marks down the center of the original tires. Absolutely no brake marks on the rims. The paint is a bit chipped due to two decades plus of luring in garages, but no fading, chalking, etc. Not even any paint damage inside the dropouts. It’s freakin’ new-old-stock (so to speak).

Problem: Like I need a pristine low-end twenty-something-year-old mountain bike, but I’m hesitant to trash something so pristine. Steel flat bar, for god’s sake. But even the stickers look perfect.

Am I freaking about something trivial?




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