Crushing the Commonwealth

At the start on Friday in Point State Park, Pittsburgh.

On Friday, Eric and myself will be setting out on a 383-mile un-sanctioned, unofficial and borderline unreasonable race across Pennsylvania. Starting from Point State Park in Pittsburgh and finishing on the Liberty Bell, Crush the Commonwealth is part randonneuring ride, part alleycat and part bike-touring adventure.

Both of us are veterans of the event, which switches direction each year. This year heads eastbound, so the major climbs will be on Day 1 and the prevailing winds will be at our backs (we hope!)

Follow along with our progress and check out the route below.

Adam’s updates will include GPS tags, Eric’s will not. We’ll try to remember to put our names on the posts, but that’s an easy way to tell us apart.

Also: Follow lockring . not . included for more live-blogging and photos.

Along the Gap trail.

Outside Connelsville, moments before this would happen:

That’s not how that’s supposed to look….

Ouch. First the wheel wouldn’t spin because the cog was hitting the hanger, then once we bent it back a bit, we found the cassette would spin in both directions. Not good. 

Just before Ohiopyle.

Bikeshop in Rockwood. Almost every town along the trail has one.


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