Could delivery apps signal a new renaissance for bike couriers?


One of the fastest growing sectors of the mobile-app driven economy is delivery. You can get anything delivered these days. A car to pick you up, groceries from your local store, even the “green” economy is getting in on it.

All these deliveries have one thing in common though: they need couriers. New apps like Postmates are heavily dependent on couriers – on foot, on a scooter, but especially on a bike. Need some office supplies, a latte and a birthday card to send to mom? Fire up the app and a “postmate” will gather up your items and deliver them for a small fee in under an hour.

Right now the service is only available in a few major cities, but if it sees success like the car-share app Uber, it will likely be spreading soon. You can apply to be a bike courier now and earn a share of the delivery fee and 100 percent of the tips.

Have you tried any of these delivery apps? What has been your experience?




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