Congrats to Ashlee Hall, winner of the Raleigh Misceo iE

Congrats to Ashlee Hall who won the Raleigh Misceo iE we raffled off in conjunction with Raleigh Bicycles.


Dear Bicycle Times,

I received the Misceo IE Bike yesterday. It came on a perfect day—my ten-year wedding anniversary. I had decided from the start that I would not share the winning information with my bike-obsessed husband Chris, so the timing was perfect. I had the bike delivered to my friends house, who is also obsessed with bikes. He helped me unpackage it and adjust everything so it would fit me perfectly. I took it for a spin, up a hill, and it turned that hill into a piece of cake!

My friend Brett and I decided that he would bring the bike to another friend’s dinner party, scheduled for the same night. He frequently demos bikes for a bike shop in State College, Pennsylvania, (Freeze Thaw Cycles) so when he shows up with a new bike my husband is always the first to want to try it out.

So dinner time came and my husband and I arrived at the home of our friends while it was raining. Brett and his wife arrived a few minutes later. Brett’s wife played her part, and mentioned that it Brett had a demo bike and she hopes it stops raining. We had a lovely dinner to the sound of a heavy rain, several glances between Brett and I about how we would present the bike if the rain did not stop, but once finished with dinner the clouds parted.

Brett and Chris went out first as the rest of us hung back. Then we saw Chris speed up a small hill with little effort on the Misceo iE eBike. I went down to be with Brett at the car for Chris’s arrival back. As Chris came to a stop I said, “Can you please get off my bike so I can ride it?” Not fully grasping what I said, Brett stated “Chris, Ashlee won this from Bicycle Times Magazine.”

Chris just started to laugh and say that it was a joke. We showed him the proof of emails I had between Bicycle Times, and Raleigh. His smile was so worth our effort hiding the bike. All six of us at the party tried the Misceo iE and were impressed with the handling, speed and comfort. I think the bike will be well used, my husband is going to add a rack and some fenders so I can use it for my around town bike. Thank you so very much for this opportunity.


Ashlee Hall



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