Concept bike shifts with rider’s thoughts

Thinking about shifting? You already have. The Toyota Prius Project bike combines the forward-thinking innovations of the popular hybrid car, the carbon fiber sculpting of Parlee Cycles, and the computer engieering of the Deeplocal design firm to create a one-of-a-kind technological leap.

The idea was simple: by using off-the-shelf technology, could they design and build a bike that could be shifted only with the rider’s thoughts? They combined a Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain, a smartphone app and a brainwave-sensing helmet to make it possible. The drivetrain’s electronic brain was wired to a wireless transmitter, and once the crew could make it shift with a smartphone, they kenw they were in business. It took a bit of practice with the neuron sensors to activate the derailleurs in just the right way, but it works. What’s most amazing is that all of the technology demonstrated here is commercially available.

Get the whole scoop of the bike’s design and construction as documented by John Watson on his blog, Prolly is Not Probably.

This isn’t Deeplocal’s first foray into bicycle technology either. They developed and built the Nike Chalkbot that was used to print messages on the roads during the 2009 Tour de France and created the Pittsburgh bike map, making finding safe routes for cycling easier in their hometown.



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