Combine a passion for cycling and board games with The Open Road

There’s a lot of crazy stuff out there on Kickstarter. Some of it is just plain ridiculous, but there are a lot of good ideas out there too. While we tend to shy away from plugging Kickstarter projects here at Bicycle Times, this bicycle touring board game is pretty darn cool.

The Open Road is a strategicĀ game designed to simulate cross-country bicycle travelĀ in the United States. The game begins with each player drawing “Route” cards to determine their start and end points. Each player starts with a number of “Energy” and “Money” cubes. Money can be exchanged for Energy, and Energy is expended to move across the board towards the opposite coast.


“Playing Cards,” which can be drawn during a player’s turn, determine some of the experiences each player encounters along the route, such as gaining extra money, a better tent, headwinds or a mechanical failure and more. “Motherlode Cards” offer extra advantages or disadvantages when used against another player. Both Playing Cards and Motherlode Cards can be played strategically throughout the game.



The first person to make it to the opposite coast wins, and the game is designed to be played with 2-4 people. More instructions and examples of gameplay can be found through a series of short videos on the Kickstarter site.

This campaign ends on July 4. Backers of $40 or more will receive The Open Road game set. I like board games and I like bikes, so I’m looking forward to trying it out!


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