Clif Bar introduces new Organic Energy Foods, including pizza flavor


Clif Bar knows as well as anyone that sometimes during or after a long ride, what you really want isn’t some kind of over-processed, synthetic goo, but real food. That’s the motivation behind its new Organic Energy Food series. The idea is to “take more of a Mother Nature approach to sports nutrition and get the nutrients you need from ingredients we all recognize,” said Chris Randall, Clif Bar’s senior brand manager.

The food comes in small, resealable pouches that make it easier to consume partially and then stash for later. The texture is more of a puree with small chunks for texture rather than the consistent goo found in energy gel packs.


The two sweet flavors come in 90 gram servings and are aimed at more intense activities with a higher carbohydrate component. The nutrition you receive is not too far off what’d you’d expect from an energy gel, but the texture and flavor is much different. The flavors available at launch are banana/mango/coconut and banana/beet/ginger. They will retail for $2.29.

What will likely get most of the attention is the new savory flavors. Ask anyone what kind of food they really want a few hours into a long ride and it’s usually something salty and savory. Clif Bar uses sunflower seed butter for a hit of protein and fat with less emphasis on carbohydrates. They have a notably salty taste thanks to the 550-600 grams of sodium included to replenish your body.

The sweet potato with sea salt flavor is a riff on the classic aide-station food of boiled potatoes rolled in salt, a popular item because of its neutral flavor and high sodium content. The pizza flavor was inspired by input from Clif Bar athletes, who craved a slice during long events. Rather than simply smash the ingredients into a tube though, the bread flavor is from quinoa flakes and the cheese taste is from yeast flakes. There is no cheese, dairy or wheat in the pizza flavor at all. The savory flavors are 120 grams per pouch and will retail for $2.99.

The new Organic Energy Food products are 100 percent certified USDA Organic, gluten-free and vegan. Don’t expect to see them in your local grocery store though, they will be sold only through specialty retailers (like bikes shops) and outdoors stores like REI.

Why not just make a solid food version? When asked, Randall pointed out that the soft food is far easier to eat during activity, especially for runners, and is digested and absorbed more quickly as well.


If you sticking to solid foods though, Clif Bar is rolling out some new flavors: berry pomegranate chia and nuts and seeds. Both have all the nutrition you’d find in classic Clif Bars but keep things fresh after your ten thousandth peanut butter bar.


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