Classic component calendars for the obsessed

Colorado photographer and longtime cyclist Robert Jones has a deep love and fascination for bicycles and their simple yet complicated designs. He decided to channel that passion, along with his photography work, into two calendars that feature classic bicycle components: cranksets and rear derailleurs.

crankset project

“About half of the components are mine and I’m lucky enough to have several friends and bike shop aquaintances who loaned me the parts. I’ve also purchased some of the parts locally at shops that specialize in used bikes and parts, and some at bike swap meets.”

“I am a bit of a collector and currently have seven bikes ranging from a vintage Schwinn Lemon Peeler to an Ellsworth full-suspension 29er. I picked up most of the parts for various bike build projects and sometimes just because something was a great deal and I knew I might never see it again.”

Superbe derailleur

Each calendar presents the components chronologically and in order of significance, and includes holidays and major bike race dates.

See the Crankset Project 2016 calendar.

See the Derailleur Project 2016 calendar.



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