Sponsored Story- Civia Cycles asks: Where do we start with ebikes?

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E-bikes are everywhere.

Or they will be soon, here’s why.

I live at 9,000 feet. Last week, my wife and I did a social ride with some new friends. We just moved to a mountain town with our two sons to partake in small-town living with easy access to what we love to do: riding in the summer; skiing in the winter.

I digress from my personal situation. As we finished our ride with friends and rolled up to one of our favorite eateries after our human-powered ride, we noticed two e-bikes out front and we sat down next to the owners. These two had just ridden to 11,600ft over nearly 30-miles with 2,500ft+ of climbing… in 4 hours.

Mind you the riders were a couple in their 60s. This wasn’t the gnarly, extreme, picture that jumps into most established ‘riders’ heads when they think of ebikes tearing up their beloved pedal-bike trails. Nor were they the type that would bob and weave through traffic like a picture ebike anti-advocates may paint. No, these riders were absolutely going slower than most fit cycling enthusiasts, but the point is, they were out there doing it.

There I think. Technology doesn’t need techno. E-bikes can be easy listening; we just need to start somewhere. We need to start talking about them and we need to start thinking about how and where they fit. What if Lyle Lovett had an ebike… guarantee he wouldn’t have written a song about a boat, and that’s about as far as you can get from the adrenalin infused techno image of that most of us may think about when someone says ‘ebike’, especially those of us who haven’t had a chance to ride or understand them yet.

Ebikes can be about new beginnings. They’re a solution. They give people a chance to commute when they think it’s too far. They provide people with health issues the freedom to get out and feel the wind in their hair again. They’re about giving new riders the courage they need to venture out of the driveway and beyond the neighborhood. And they’re going to help us all stay in our sport longer. So where do we start?


Civia Cycles may be a place to start.

This city bike brand is just entering the ebike category, and they’re bringing some new ideas. Civia’s new Parkway offers a place to start for both riders and shops that are new to and curious about ebikes.

First off, they fit into a category that no-one can argue—the city category where ebikes fit easily. Here, they make sense. Here, they’re for those of us who need the courage or the range that an electric assist can offer. They can help get us get there on time and without being sweaty. They can help us come back from injury or those years of neglect that catch up with you in your 40s and 50s. They make getting back on a bike attainable, regardless of your need for an assist.

Civia’s Parkway is attainable, too, both step over and step thru models hit a price that’s well under $3,000USD. These specific bikes are also easy to ride and live with. Case in point Parkway is roughly 5-10-pounds lighter than anything it competes with, and it’s equipped with a power plant from Bosch’s new Active Line. This new motor is Bosch’s smallest and quietest to date; offering smooth power delivery and a top speed of 20mph, which keeps it within the ‘Class 1’ ebike designation—within the realm of human performance—and without limits for use on bike paths or other regulated metro areas.

On the dealer side, Civia Cycles is available through nearly any reputable bike shop in the United States as they’re distributed by Quality Bicycle Products, the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in North America. This is worth noting for a couple of reasons, but the highlights include readily available parts and support by a brand that will stand behind the product (no Kickstarter or obscure Euro brand gamble here) in the US.

So where do ebikes fit for you?

We don’t have the answer, but before you write them off, try one. See what an ebike can give you the courage to do.

Get more info about ebikes and Civia Cycles at www.civiacycles.com








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