Cheesesteaks, groundhogs, and the Philly Bike Expo

The Bilenky booth had a camping theme and this groundhog (woodchuck?) welcoming visitors. 

By Adam Newman

Our hometown of Pittsburgh might share the state license plates as the city at the other end, Philadelphia, but the two cities couldn’t be more different. Pittsburgh is hilly and decidedly Mid-western, while Philly is flat and far more densely urban. But the one thing the pair do have in common is a love of cycling, most notably celerated by the Philly Bike Expo and its hosts, Bilenky Cycle Works.

This past weekend we packed up the van and headed across the Turnpike, just in time to enjoy two days of pure bike geekdom before Hurricane Sandy blew everyone out of town. There were boths from custom framebuilders, local companies, big names like Shimano, and some awesome food trucks to keep everyone stuffed. And despite Philly’s reputation as a tough city, we experienced nothing but brotherly love.

If you still have electricity, spin through our photos and make some plans to join us again next year—Mother Nature willing, of course.

Born in the USA.

San Francisco cyclist and cycling cap maker Chuey Munkanta was in the news recently for disturbing reasons, and his sitation was on everyone’s mind. 

R.E.Load bags are handmade in Philadelphia.


Got curves?

Princeton Tec was building custom-colored blinky lights for customers in its booth.

Cooper Bikes takes its inspiration from four wheels.

GiveLoveCycle created a new line of bags that combines cycling practicality with high style.

American craftsmanship on display.

Horse Cycles had a booth-within-a-booth.

Minnie Mouse would look great on me.

Expo hosts Bilenky Cycle Works was showing off this Wonder-ful bike…

…as well as its popular service of retro-fitting S&S couplers for traveling with your bike.

Bilenky is also known for its tandems, and this one suffered no shortage of accessories.

Contests at the show included a fastest flat fix…

…and a mechanic’s bike-building contest.

Go home groundhog. You are drunk. 

See you next year everybody!


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