Charlie Cunningham injured in bike crash

cunninghamIt’s safe to say the modern mountain bike would be very different today without the innovations of Charlie Cunningham. From aluminum frames to roller cam brakes, sloping top tubes to 135 mm rear axles, Cunningham’s influence can be seen far beyond just mountain bikes.

After all he has given the cycling community over the years, now he needs our help. Cunningham fell off his bike in August and sustained severe injuries, including broken bones and head trauma. Six weeks later, his head injury resulted in a subdural hematoma (bleeding in the brain).

Cunningham is now recovering from emergency brain surgery and faces a long road to recovery. According to a GoFundMe page dedicated to his treatment, he is having trouble with simple tasks like eating and speaking. He is likely to be wheelchair-bound for some time. Donations are being accepted to help pay for his rehabilitation and outfit his home to be more wheelchair accessible.


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