Cannondale concept bike adjusts to terrain on the fly

Photos via Priority Designs

Cannondale has long been known for its wild concept bikes, most of which never make it to production, but frequently spur innovation or creative thinking. Today we caught wind of the latest concept that was on display at Eurobike: a bike that can adapt to the terrain on the fly. 

The early design sketches called for a bike that could lower its handlebars and move the rider down for lower drag while descending, then adjust itself up for a more effecient position for climbing. The Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle, as it’s called, was brought from idea to reality by Priority Designs, a product design firm based in Ohio. 

It’s never going to make it to production, but it raises some interesting points about how future bikes can more readily adapt to their terrain. Already mountain bikes employ adjustable suspension settings and dropper seatposts to put the rider in an ideal position. Could the same practice be adapted to road bikes? 

Previous Cannondale concepts

Here’s a quick look at some other Cannondale bikes from the past. Are there any others that you know of?


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