Cabin fever? Try indoor circle track!

By Stephen Haynes

What to do with a couple of house bound kids when the weather outside just won’t allow for frolicking? Dining room table circle track! It combines thrilling speeds, potential injury with possible property damage! Satisfying all the major "cool" points for my two whippersnappers.

Fortunately, when we decided to buy a house, we were blessed with hardwood floors. This type of flooring allows for such things as skateboarding, matchbox demolition derby, bowling, dancing like lunatics and of course riding bikes.

Our riding is typically confined to the dining room where we can roll uninterrupted in a circle around the dining room table. We will typically start off at a leisurely pace, feeling out the course, plotting our lines. As we gain confidence so too we gain in momentum and soon that comfortable right hander between the tchotchke/catchall, the table and the keyboard gets a little dicey! It’s inevitable that some unsuspecting bit of daily detritus gets knocked from it’s perch (usually by me), but it’s all part of the fun.

Of course there are other natural obstacles to overcome such as dizziness. Our table (and the room which houses it for that matter) isn’t very big. After 30 or so laps I’m begging for a "Pit Stop".. I often conjure images of those madmen on motorcycles in the circular enclosure at the circus. You know the ones? At any rate, the dizziness typically gets the best of me and I end up playing the part of traffic warden (Stop!! Go!!) the rest of the time. Then it’s onto the next potentially damaging activity. "Indoor soccer anyone?"


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