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I usually carry sandwiches, nuts or fruit on rides, but there’s an awesome convenience to pre-packaged, space-saving, calorie dense fuel. Not to mention some of my friends aren’t fans of a full-on picnic, mid-ride. A few new products recently landed in my hands so I was eager to take a closer look at what they have to offer in terms of nutritional content and taste.

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Pure Bar: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – $2.19

Pure Bar focuses on using whole ingredients to create organic chewy bars that trend sweet. Cranberry Orange, Banana Coconut and Dark Chocolate Berry are featured along with the newest addition, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. As with all of Pure’s Fruit and Nut bars the first ingredient is dates, followed by chocolate chips, tapioca syrup, agave fiber, and sea salt.
The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip contains a decent amount of fat, protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied, but they also pack a fair amount of sugar.

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Enduro Bites: Fig and Dark Chocolate – $4.99 (image shown is an Enduro Bite sample)

My boyfriend and I spent spring break soaking up the sun in Sedona and I certainly ate my share of Enduro Bite samples. Mash some dark chocolate together with fig and combine it with a long day of riding—I’ll have another, please. Enduro Bites are sold in packs of four; the motivation being that you can divvy up your caloric intake into shifts, popping a 100 calorie “bite” every 20-40 minutes during intense exercise. These new bites are delicious and contain eight grams of protein and fiber per package. Personally, I’d love to see these packaged without the added honey and brown rice syrup. Figs are plenty sweet on their own, especially coupled with dark chocolate.

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UnTapped Slopeside Syrup – $9.95 for five packets

Straight from a tree, this little package is 100% Vermont maple syrup. UnTapped is the undertaking of professional cyclist Ted King and the four Cochran cousins, alpine skiers and founders of Slopeside Syrup. In mid-2014 Ted King and the Cochrans ran an Indiegogo campaign to package Slopeside Syrup into .94 ounce “gel packs” and branded the syrup packs as UnTapped. The packets are geared towards intense endurance sports and intended to replace traditional gels, touting maple syrup’s potassium, iron, electrolytes and low glycemic index. Apparently they’re not the only ones that thought it’d be grand to guzzle maple syrup on the go, as the team raised a whopping $50,344 of their $34,000 goal. For racers out there that are a fan of gel packs, these may be worth checking out. While naturally sweet, the syrup tastes surprisingly fresh and nothing like the fake stuff you buy at the grocery store. If you’d just like to have it on your Sunday pancakes, buy the bottle here.

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Perky Jerky – $4.99

Jerky has a long history of fueling adventures of all sorts, but at some point in the last few decades it was relegated to the convenience store. However, the dry, jaw straining, leather is a distant cousin to the flavorful, moist and tender Perky Jerky. The two serving packages come in beef or turkey and are nitrite and preservative free. This is a great high-protein option for the omnivores out there. If you really fall for this stuff you can enroll in a monthly delivery of up to 30 bags.


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