Building a New Commuter

If you’ve read my latest BT story you’re aware that I haven’t been too pleased with my commuting whip. I’ve decided to act. On route is a new Soma Double Cross DC frame which will be built as a my mullet commuting bike.

What’s a mullet commuting bike you may be asking. Well like a mullet, it’s goin to be all business up front, functioning as a commuter 9 – 5 (ish), Mon – Fri. A cyclocross frame makes a great commuter because of it’s versatility. Room for fenders, racks and durrable construction make the genre a nice fit for self-propelled commuting. But it seems like I have to start practicing my run ups since there will likely be some cyclocross in my future on the new rig. I can’t in good concious neglect to put the bike through it’s intended paces. Business up front and party in the back (or weekends anyways). Just like a mullet. Check back for some pics of the frame when it arrives and the build since this will likely be pretty extended project. For now, here’s a link to the Soma Fabrications site.



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