Brooks celebrating 150 years with special bike collaborations

Brooks England is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. If 50 years is honored with gold, 150 is apparently honored with bicycles.

brooks special 2


To celebrate, Brooks invited various bike builders and companies from Europe, Japan and the U.S. to create their interpretations of a “Brooks bicycle” with the theme of copper. Copper has long played a key role in Brooks products, particularly as its iconic saddle rivet.

brooks special 3


The special-edition models, called “Dashing Bikes,” will be on display at the Brook’s flagship store in London throughout 2016 and sold worldwide in limited numbers.

brooks special 1


Collaborators include UK-based companies Condor, Brompton, Pashley Cycles and Moulton Bicycle Company. From across Europe, other collaborators include Dario Pegoretti of Italy; Schindelhauer, Tout Terrain and Canyon Bicycles of Germany; Achielle of Belgium; Skeppshult of Sweden; Pelago of Finland; and Moustache of France. Beyond Europe, Brooks is also working with Toykobike of Japan and Minnesota-based Salsa Cycles, which will produce a top-level gravel grinder.



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