Brompton celebrates 25 years of production

Brompton Factory

The Brompton factory in West London paused for a moment last week to celebrate the 25th anniversary of production of its bespoke folding bikes. The company is still located only a few miles from where the original three employees started, though the modern, 35,000 square-foot factory now employs 200.

Brompton Factory

As a memento of this celebration, Brompton’s brazers went head to head to create the best brazing for the ultimate anniversary bike. The competition was serious, with brazers new and old wanting their neatest workmanship to be the definitive memory of 25 years of strong manufacturing. The winning frame will be on display at the recently opened retail store Brompton Junction in Covent Garden from January. This will be followed by stints at the other five Brompton Junction stores around the world later in 2014.


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