Brompton announces design evolutions, lower prices

The basic Brompton folding bike platform hasn’t changed much over the years, but that hasn’t stopped the company from continuously evolving and improving its products. For 2017 the iconic British brand has announced some design tweaks and a new, lower entry price.

Changes include:


A longer stem allows the new handlebar shape to accommodate a more relaxed geometry with increased horizontal grip area.


New gear shifters are mounted to the brake lever allowing for better control of the bicycle while shifting.


The new brass bell is also fitted to the brake lever making it easy to operate.


The new lock-on grips are only 42 grams and can be fitted to all M, S and H type handlebars.


A collaboration with CatEye has led to a new USB chargeable taillight that is built into the saddle.


There are two new colors, a gray and a bright red, and all the standard color options are now priced equally. Customers can mix and match up to two colors on their custom bike without any extra charge.


Brompton’s saddles are now available in two different widths, 147 mm and 167 mm, for improved comfort for all riders.

2017-brompton-8 2017-brompton-7

Finally, because of the strong U.S. dollar and new efficiency improvements, Brompton can now offer bikes as low as $1,199 and a six-speed model with fenders at $1,499, a $200 reduction.


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