British Invasion: Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show touring USA

In North America over the coming months, Brooks will be hosting the Dashing Bicycle Show, a travelling display of fine bicycles and accessories for fans of style in the saddle. Each event will begin with an opening party, and the display will remain for two weeks thereafter.

The bikes on display will be given away at the end of the tour in a very special contest, so read below for more details!

Upcoming stops: 

  • 20 April 2013 Bicycle Space Washington, DC
  • 08 June 2013 Bikes on Wheels, Toronto, ON
  • 25 July 2013 Bicycle Habitat, New York, NY

The exhibition will visit five Brooks Dealers of Excellence and draws from among the world’s finest bicycles and accessories- specifically those lesser-spotted on the North American continent.

The first is Pelago Bicycles from Finland. Pelago is one of the newer manufacturers on the European scene, producing classic, well-considered bicycles in a traditional vein. “Pelago produces strong and practical products for the needs of urban transport, alternative travelling and other pedal powered activities.” sayeth Pelago on their website.

The mini bike market has become an increasingly crowded one in recent years. Relative newcomer B_ant from Japan is among the more well thought of among the New Wave, and will be joining us on the road. They produce attractive steel designs considerate of the constraints living in an urban environment is wont to impose.


Cooper Bikes from England will also be there to introduce their special brand of English design and modern crafsmanship to a new audience. If you are unfamiliar, this is the very same Cooper made famous by the popular undersized British car.

Tout Terrain from Germany has been quietly building a reputation as one of the most innovative trekking bike manufacturers in the world. They have become known for groundbreaking suspension concepts (like an independent rear suspension that allows the rack and panniers to remain stable on rough surfaces) and exquisite welding and paint work. As well as this, their “Plug” provides pedal-powered charging for USB devices. Unsurprising, then, that both their frames and accessories were in use by riders of this year’s WCR Grand Tour.

Win a dashing bike!

Most of the bikes on display will be given away at the end of the tour through a photo contest whimsically titled, “Dashing Bike, Guv’nor!”

To enter for your chance to win one of the bikes on display at Dashing Bike, simply arrive to the event with yourself and your bike, dressed in your “Guv’nor Best”, and add a few words about why you feel a dashing bike is essential to your “Guv’nor-ish” well-being. Then submit your entries to the Brooks Stories and Photos section whereafter a jury composed of sponsors will decide the winners based on an old-fashioned vote. 


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