Bontrager releases new taillight designed for daytime use


Cyclists all know that bight lights and visible clothing can make them more visible to drivers and thus safer against collisions, and Bontrager’s newest tail light is designed to cut through the distractions of daylight driving and make it even more difficult for drivers to miss seeing cyclists ahead. According to studies, 40 percent of cyclists’ collisions with cars are from being struck from behind, and having a tail light on during the day makes perfect sense.


The new Flare R light is a USB-rechargeable, 36 gram LED light that pumps out 65 lumens—that’s more than a car’s tail light. Bontrager studied flash patterns and intensity to choose exactly the one that will make it most visible to drivers in the clutter of urban lighting. Bontrager says it is visible in daylight from more than a mile away.


The Flare R has four distinct flash patters: two for daylight and two for night:

  • Day Flash mode will utilize all 65 Lumens in a strategically placed random flash pattern designed to draw a motorist’s eyes. Fully charged run time is 5.75 hours.
  • Day Steady mode uses 25 Lumens of steady illumination and is great for group rides. Fully charged run time is 4.25 hours.
  • Night Flash mode uses an irregular flash pattern punctuated by short pops of increased intensity. Fully charged run time is 23 hours.
  • Night Steady mode provides 5 Lumens of steady light great for consistent nighttime visibility. Fully charged run time is 21 hours.


One of the downsides to battery powered lights is that when the battery dies, you’re out of luck. The Flare R has a built-in safety system, whereby when 75 percent of the charge is used the LED indicator light on the unit turns from green to red. When it reaches 5 percent of its charge it automatically puts itself into a safety mode and dials back the intensity to give an extra hour or two of run time, just enough to get to safety. A full recharge takes only 2.5 hours.

The new Flare R light is available now in Trek and Bontrager retail stores for $60.



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