B.O.N.D. Bike: Your post-apocalypse ride

By Adam Newman

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself: "If only I had a bike with skis and flame throwers." Well now it’s here. 

The B.O.N.D. bike (Built Of Notorious Deterrents) features such essential features as flame throwers in the handlebars – for when motorists get too close, caterpillar tracks – for the gnarliest of potholes, an ejector seat – for any unauthorized riders, and a ski attachment – for year-round use. 

Ok, so you can’t actually buy this bike, it was created by the U.K.’s Environmental Transport Association’s bicycle insurance program and will be displayed at the Cycle Show at Earl’s Court October 7-10. 

Insurance from the ETA includes replacement if your bike is stolen, cover for accidental damage, third party insurance, personal accident coverage and roadside assistance. There is a similar program available here in the States, but they don’t have a flame-shooting bike. Yet. 

Here’s a video of some of the features. Warning: Intolerable techno music included. 


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