Bikes in NYC: One step forward, one step back

Cyclists in New York have had their share of tribulations lately, though they enjoyed one refreshing victory lately, as a drive by residents to remove the bike lane along Prospect Park was rejected by a judge. The battle summarized a growing rift in city politics over the rapid expansion of the bike lanes, often at the detriment of vehicular traffic. Though it should be noted that the reason the lawsuit was dismissed was because the plantiffs had not filed it within the statue of limitations. Could there be another lawsuit in the future? 

So while cyclists and advocates were celebrating, a new turf war emerged: the city’s bridges. The New York Post reported on the often nasty interactions between cyclists and pedestrians on bridges, especially the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. The "war path" has become a battleground where speeding cyclists and inattentive pedestrians often venture into each others’ territory, putting them both at risk. The New York Daily News took the pedestrians’ side in an open letter to the city’s Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, calling cyclists "a two-wheeled army run entirely amok."

BreakThru Radio, and indpendent radio station, published this video compiling the feelings on both sides of the thin white line:

Should Bikes Be Banned From The Bridges? – BTR Pulse [ep39] from BreakThru Radio TV on Vimeo.



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