Bikes Not Bombs partners with Cycle-Smart training

Pro racer and training system founder Adam Meyerson has added a new logo to his Cycle-Smart team’s jerseys: Bikes Not Bombs. He has given the Boston-based non-profit a free sponsorship to help promote their local youth cycling programs and international development work.

Each year Bikes Not Bombs recieves thousands of donated bicycles, reconditions them, and ships them to developing nations around th world. Others are used in Boston for their children’s programs and vocational training for teenagers.

“The philosophy really is to do concrete, hands-on work on a grassroots level, bringing bikes and bike knowledge to individual people and groups in other countries, and also here in the U.S.," said BnB Outreach Coordinator Arik Grier. 

Cycle-Smart is a cycling training program that offers workout and nutritional plans to aspiring cyclists founded by Meyerson more than a decade ago. But it’s not only about going faster: "Cycle-Smart is a place to do good work. I feel this is the biggest struggle of all in life: to find fulfilling, sustaining work that contributes to the common good. Our mission at Cycle-Smart is to promote and improve the enjoyment and quality of and opportunities for bicycle racing," Adam says on its web site. 


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