Bikes and Beer: A Natural Match

By Jeffrey Stern

What started as a simple, off-the-wall, one-time-only proposition has turned into a passion. A passion born in the gritty, adventure driven sport of mountain biking and washed down with what’s surely the greatest recovery meal to ever come out of a draft’s tap. And by recovery, I mean the best way to combat the lower back aches, sore buts, bashed shins and bruised elbows. Don’t be confused by the pro’s sciency mumbo jumbo, 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein recovery meal requirements. That’s just foolish and silly. We’re talking mountain bikes after all, right?

Yes, damn right. Now let’s make this a regular thing. Enter ride and pint night.

It’s even alright to call it ‘PRP’ or Pint Ride Pint, alluding to the fact that the smartest, most well-trained regulars begin the evening ride by showing up early. That’s right, starting your ride off with a pint and finishing it with one, or maybe two is encouraged. Again, all for the recovery benefits of course.

Where’s the spot?

Top of my list is Pedaler’s Fork, a restaurant, bike shop, coffee, beer (and whiskey) drinking establishment in Calabasas, California nestled against the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, just a stone’s throw north of Los Angeles. Cycling enthusiast and co-founder of Pedaler’s Fork, Robbie Schaeffer, saw an opportunity to create a hub of activity for bike riders of all types when he and Tim Rettele opened their one of a kind, hybrid location just off Highway 101 in the Fall of 2012.

Fast forward five years and business is booming, from hosting private parties to throwing their own gravel grinder event and naturally the weekly Thursday night ride and pint. Robbie and his crew offer Tuesday morning sunrise rides and even team up with local shops like Topanga Creek Bicycles to promote their weekend rides. For Robbie and Pedaler’s Fork, it’s all about encouraging others to get out there, try something new and enjoy all the riding this northern Los Angeles county hotspot has to offer.

Nursing an injury and can’t ride? Some riders show up to see the group off and keep the recovery going until the group comes rolling back into town. With nearly 50 beers on tap and one of the biggest selections of whiskey anywhere in LA, it’s no wonder the popularity of bikes and beer have taken off in Southern California. Not only can a bike ride with beer help you numb a bad day at work, with the full-service bike shop on location, they can help bring your bike back to life.

And California isn’t the only place featuring hip bikes, brews and chews. From North Carolina (The Hub), to Idaho (Power House Pub), Oregon (Velo Cult) and everywhere in-between bike shops are finding ways to build deeper relationships with their customers that extend beyond just selling and fixing bikes.

I don’t know about you, but a fine selection of beers, grub and good times is one of the easiest ways to my heart.

Pint and Ride or die!



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