Bike Test Update: Trek Soho

Thought I’d give y’all a quick progress update on the Trek Soho I’m currently testing. I’m really excited about this bike, as you might have guessed from my previous Soho post.

So far, the Gates Belt Drive has performed flawlessly, with no need for any maintenance–haven’t even had to tension the belt during the test period. Just look how clean this thing is despite being ridden through a salty, sloppy winter and a muddy spring thaw. I’d much rather spend my time riding bikes than cleaning them, so this lack of maintenance has been wonderful.

I’m getting along pretty well with the Soho’s handlebar, too. Haven’t been able to find any concrete specs on this bar, but it must be in the 15º sweep area, which is a nice middle ground between more aggressively swept alt bar and a traditional flat bar. I slid the controls inboard to better align the brake lever with my index finger, then used a bit of bar tape to fill the void.

I’m pretty picky about bike setup, and tend to swap parts around a lot on test bikes, but haven’t felt the need to do much with the Soho. Aside from swapping to a zero-offset seatpost and correspondly installing a longer stem, I’ve felt little need to swap parts. Even the stock Bontrager saddle has worked OK for me.

The full review of this bike is scheduled to appear in print in Bicycle Time #6. To receive your very own BT #6, subscribe by calling toll free 1-866-523-9653 on or before April 28th, 2010.


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