Bicycle Times publisher forms new parent company, Rotating Mass Media

Building on growing success and expansion, Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times magazines have created a new parent company, Rotating Mass Media LTD, to oversee a collection of growing products.

“We realized we are now more than just Dirt Rag, and we needed a new name—a new brand—to include all our efforts in the world of cycling,” said founder and Publisher, Maurice Tierney. “We didn’t get bought out by some corporation, we’re making it our own.”

In addition to Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times magazines, other Rotating Mass Media endeavours include Dirt Fest, a mountain bike festival that welcomes more than 2,000 visitors to the Allegrippis Trails in Central Pennsylvania each spring, plus the Bicycle Times Gran Fondo of the Alleghenies, and a growing digital and online portfolio.

Dirt Rag is celebrating its 25th year as a rider-owned, independent mountain biking publication, and Bicycle Times is entering its fifth year of inspiring and educating readers about practical and recreational cycling. Both magazines are celebrating a banner year, as the paid circulation of each title has reached 30,000 copies. Dirt Rag increased its readership 20 percent for 2013, and Bicycle Times increased 25 percent. Subscriptions are available on all major digital platforms as well.

Rotating Mass Media also has a new online presence,, where advertisers can see the current rate card, demographics data, production calendars, and print specs, and can even pay for their ads online via PayPal.


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