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From the most extreme mountain bikers to the most demure commuters, we’re all a family of cyclists. Sometimes we have different tastes, sometimes different styles and often different opinions, but we all share a love for the wind across our cheeks and the satisfaction of personal power.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be welcomed into the family of cycling with open arms, and here I’ve found not just a vocation but a personal passion. I’ve had countless riders stop to offer me a spare tube, some extra water, or just a tip for a more scenic route. Somehow we instinctively know to watch out for one another, celebrate with one another and, sadly, far too often grieve with one another. Families are never homogeneous and certainly never perfect, but they stick together through and through.

I’ve made countless friends through cycling and I’m looking forward to making many more. While our taste in two wheels sometimes differs, I consider you all part of the Bicycle Times family and I’m honored to be a part of it.

— Adam Newman, editor-in-chief

In this issue

On the cover

Gabe and Leilani enjoy a sunny ride in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Russ Roca.


Mission Kidical

The Kidical Mass movement inspires young families to embrace life beyond the minivan. By Adam Newman.


3 hearts, 2 wheels, 1 passion

World explorer Cass Gilbert reflects on how cycling with his young son has changed his life.


The Family Adventure Project

A family from the U.K. offers 10 tips for taking your family on an adventure to remember. By Stuart Wickes.


Bicycle Times Adventure Fest

Recapture the fun at the first Bicycle Times Adventure Fest or take a peek at what you missed.


Ask Beardo

How to encourage your kids to put down the remote and jump on a bike.


Catching up with

We chat with Paul Rozelle, who finished the 1,200 km Paris-Brest-Paris brevet without coasting.



Anna Schwinn dishes on how modern bike geometry and production caters unfairly to men.


Unlearn Pavement

An essay on how a change of scenery can reinvent your riding. By Bobble Wintle.



We put two testers on a pair of Bianchi bikes to see how they compare and contrast. By Eric McKeegan and Jon Pratt

Plus we review: Linus Rover 3, Trek Fuel EX Jr., SRAM Rival 1x, Thule Raceway Pro, commuter backpacks, pedals, lights, tires and more.

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